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Overview of Courses

IFR Flight & SIM Center™
Overview of Courses - IFR Flight & SIM Center™

Overview of Courses

IFR Flight & SIM Center™ provides flight instruction for all certificates and ratings, from Student Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot (ATP).


Certificates & Ratings

• Private Pilot
• Instrument Pilot
• Commercial Pilot
• Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

• Multi-Engine Rating
• CFI –  Instructor
• CFII – Instrument Instructor
• MEI –  Multi-Engine Instructor

Currency Courses

• Flight Reviews 
• Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC)
• IFR Refresher Courses

Overview of Courses - IFR Flight Training School™ & SIM Center

Special Courses

• New Course – The Basics
• IFR Long Course
• IFR Currency/Proficiency
• ELITE™ IFR Trip Rehearsals
• IFR Workshops
• ELITE™ Simulator Training Overview

• ELITE Sim IFR Procedures Course
• Aviat Husky A1 Tailwheel Training
• Youth Aviation Program
• Home School Program

We also Offer

• Pilot Services
• Aircraft Management
• Aviation Consulting

• Aircraft Charter Brokerage
• Pilot Supplies

Georgetown, TX

KGTU 191856Z 17014G24KT 10SM OVC035 25/17 A2988 RMK AO2 PK WND 18035/1817 SLP113 T02500167




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