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IFR Trip Rehearsals

IFR Flight & SIM Center™
IFR Trip Rehearsals - IFR Flight & SIM Center™

IFR Trip Rehearsals

IFR pilots perform better when they know what to expect

Using the ELITE Flight Simulator (PCATD)*, aviators can now rehearse their IFR flight to proficiency before the day of departure. Preparing for an IFR trip in advance can develop the ability and confidence necessary to fly your best.

Begin your IFR trip preparation in an IFR Workshop

Begin your IFR trip preparation with a skilled IFR Flight & SIM Center™ instructor in an IFR Workshop (see workshop information sheet). After this excellent trip familiarization, you can continue to enhance your procedural ability with solo practice using the ELITE Flight Simulator, rehearsing your entire trip or trip segments including:

• Normal Departures
• Nonstandard Departures
• Enroute Procedures
• Approaches
• Missed Approaches
• Potential Emergency Situations


– ELITE (Electronic IFR Training Environment)
*PCATD (Personal Computer Aviation Training Device)

IFR Trip Rehearsals - IFR Flight Training School™ & SIM Center
Georgetown, TX

KGTU 191856Z 17014G24KT 10SM OVC035 25/17 A2988 RMK AO2 PK WND 18035/1817 SLP113 T02500167




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