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Training Costs & Fees

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Training Costs and Fees - IFR Flight & SIM Center™

Training Costs & Fees

Revised August 1, 2017

Below is a table of Training Costs and Fees not only for instruction but also a variety of aircraft and flight services. With regard to flight training, costs may vary with aspects such as how often you train, how diligently you apply yourself and prepare for the  the lesson at hand, and other factors.  Call us today to discuss your training or flight service needs.

Instruction LevelHourly Rate: Flight & GroundInstructor/Pilot
7$70.00Burns, Lambert, McDougal, Stevens, Vance, Wilson

Instructor Fee Level Criteria
• Credentials: Pilot and Instructor Certificates Ratings
• Experience: Military, Airline, Corporate, Examiner, Check Airman, Aeronautical Degree
• School Standardization
• Gold Seal Certification
• Training Currency
• Flight Tenure (Decade Credit)
• Merit
• Special Aircraft Qualification


Rates for Aircraft Requiring Specialized Training 
• High Performance - Complex - Glass Cockpit - Tail Wheel - Aerobatic Aircraft $70.00/hr
• Cirrus CSIP, Piper Mirage$75.00/hr
• Turbo Prop$80.00/hr
• Jet$85.00/hr
- (Rates in some aircraft requiring specialized training higher)
• ELITE Flight Simulator Basic ATD (Dual or Solo Simulator Time) $40.00/hr
• Course Simulator Package (per course) $1,200.00
Aircraft/Flight Dispatching 
• Aircraft/Flight DispatchingInstructor Rate
Pilot Services 
• Pilot ServicesInstructor Rate (plus expenses)
• Standby/Travel$50/hr
• Trip Layover Fee$400.00/day (plus expenses)
• Trip Planning/CoordinationInstructor Rate (plus expenses)
• Aircraft AcquisitionInstructor Rate (plus expenses)
Aircraft Acquisition 
• Aircraft AcquisitionInstructor Rate
Administrative Assistance 
• Administrative Assistance$30/hr
Completion Certificate 
• Completion Certificate$25.00
• ConsultingInstructor Rate (plus expenses)
Aircraft Flight Department 
• Aircraft Flight Department$80/hr
Pilot Screening 
• Screening and Consulting$495.00 (plus fuel surcharge)
• Screening and consulting with Books$565.00 (plus fuel surcharge)
• Screening and consulting with Books and DVD$600.00 (plus fuel surcharge)
• Screening and consulting with books, DVD, and CD set$715.00 (plus fuel surcharge)
• Getting Started Package$1500.00 - $3,500
Other Services & Fees 
• Travel outside the local area$50.00/hr (plus current IRS mileage rate)
• Lesson Audit Fee$50.00
• Supervised Instruction$50.00/hr
Lesson/Flight Cancellation Policy
(Request 72 hour Notice)
• Less Than 24 Hour Notice1/2 Scheduled Lesson Fee/Pilot Service Fee
• Missed AppointmentScheduled Lesson Fee
• Headset Rental Per Lesson$5.00

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