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The Aviator Gallery

IFR Flight & SIM Center™
Aviator Gallery - IFR Flight & SIM Center™

The Aviator Gallery

Preserving and celebrating history through aviation art.

Aviator Gallery - IFR Flight & SIM Center™IFR Flight & SIM Center™ has the privilege of sponsoring the Aviator Gallery. The mission of the Aviator Gallery is to participate in the celebration and preservation of history through aviation art presented by renown artists. Above is a work by John D. Shaw, “Iwo Jima – A Hard Won Battle.” This is just a sample of the wonderful art you can enjoy at the Aviator Gallery

Some of the artists you will find are: Simon Atack, Heinz Krebs, William S. Phillips, John D. Shaw, Richard Taylor, Robert Taylor, Nicholas Trudgian, and Anthony Saunders.


Georgetown, TX

KGTU 202156Z 19012G17KT 10SM CLR 19/01 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP171 T01890006




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