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Aviation Homeschool Program

IFR Flight & SIM Center™
Aviation Homeschool Program - IFR Flight & SIM Center™

Homeschool Aviation Program

Homeschool Aviation Program - IFR Flight & SIM Center™

The development of aviation skills in a young person’s life can prepare them for an exciting career in aviation as a primary vocation. The IFR Flight & SIM Center™ Aviation Homeschool Program is a great way get the journey underway. Acquiring secondary aviation skills will serve to support many other primary occupations. Flying is also fun and has a unique ability of capturing a young person’s interest and enhancing their perspective. 

Students participating successfully in the Homeschool Aviation Program can develop:

• Discipline • Attention to Detail • Responsibility
• Confidence • Accomplishment • Maturity
• Self-Esteem • Goal Setting  

The Homeschool Aviation Program is intended for boys and girls possessing the maturity level necessary to benefit from aviation training. Safety is paramount during all flight operations. FAA regulations and industry good operating practices are strictly followed. Training is conducted to correspond with each students’ ability. Students are not allowed, nor required, to manage aircraft operations that exceed their individual capacity. Instructors have immediate and complete access to fully functioning dual controls at all times.

Students participating in the Homeschool Aviation Program will experience many opportunities to use their general knowledge skills such as math, English, science and geography. This application opportunity will encourage students to become enthusiastic learners in multiple areas.

Organized segments of the Homeschool Aviation Program are conducted both at home and at IFR Flight & SIM Center™ airport locations. Homework lessons using videos, texts and exercise books are conducted at home under the supervision of the homeschool teacher. Weekly activities are conducted at the airport including actual flying in airplanes and simulators, ground school and homework review. Tours of aviation facilities are also conducted.

Training at the airport is conducted by FAA Certificated Instructors using the industry’s best syllabus materials. Instruction is conducted one on one (one instructor with one student) for optimum effectiveness. An audit program is available if simultaneous participation by more that one youth is desired.

After initial enrollment costs for course materials, each lesson in the Homeschool Aviation Program is billed hourly in accordance with our school fee structure.



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